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Privacy declaration


This privacy statement relates to the website of . The privacy statement informs about the collection, use and processing of personal data when using the website . attaches great value to its customers and visitors. We take the confidentiality of confidential information, such as personal data, very seriously. You don't have to worry about this when you use our app or our website.


We give you complete insight into the way we process your data. You can read how we do this and what purpose we have in mind in this privacy statement. Of course you retain control over your personal data. By this we mean the specific data about personal or business relationships of a natural person.


In addition to , this privacy statement also refers to all parties involved and affiliated taxi companies with whom we have or enter into a partnership.


Only the data necessary for the performance of a service requested by you are stored and processed by . This is necessary to fully tailor the service to your needs and to improve it where necessary. By collecting this data, we can also provide you with the information that is important to you. According to the legal requirements, is obliged to store this data. has a partnership with third parties. They support us in the maintenance and optimization of our IT infrastructure, security and software. 


What personal data collects


1. Visitors to and our app

2. Employees and applicants

3. Cooperating taxi companies and their employees

4. Business relations and representatives

5. Passengers who use our taxi transport


How collects personal data


1. If you want to purchase taxi services from

2. When there is an agreement between and you 

3. If there is contact with . Website, phone, email or App

5. When you use the products of . Like apps or software


The purpose of our data processing


Similarities with


The data provided to for the sake of an agreement are mainly used for this purpose. We also use the data to send you personal information about our products, related to the agreement.


In addition, also uses the personal data you have provided to improve our services. This includes making suitable transport available or adjusting or accelerating the original arrival times.




If you contact to reserve a taxi ride or to obtain more information about our services, we will use your personal data to initiate the service you have requested. We also use the information you provide to answer your questions.


Visit the website of


The website of   collects data from its visitors and the click behavior they display. In this way we can adjust and optimize our website to make the user experience even better.


The use of personal data and the purpose uses the personal data that you provide to us by telephone, WhatsApp, e-mail or via the website. This serves the purpose below:


  1. To be able to execute the agreement between you and . Such as taxi transport or services offered by external parties. Like apps.


  1. To comply with our legal obligations that apply in the relevant region or country. Such as the Passenger Transport Act or the fiscal retention obligation.


  1. To optimize and analyze the website and the services of . Such as reports, data analyzes and audits.


  1. For website security and the protection of other products. We also use the data to prevent fraud and abuse. This relates to our website, products, applications and the software that uses.


Minimize data adheres to applicable data protection laws. This affects the entire data processing process. Such as collecting, storing and using data. We only use these for the above purposes. We do not use the information you provide for other purposes or marketing activities. does not sell your data to third parties. Only the relevant internal departments of have access to this.




Cookies are files that your computer stores when you use our website. does not use these cookies. There can be no damage to your computer or tablet. This also applies to the files that you have stored on it.  


Type cookies only uses analytical and functional cookies. This allows us to adjust and improve our services. Below you can read a detailed explanation.


●      Analytical keeps track of how visitors use the website. We do this with Google Analytics. Your IP address is stored and managed by Google. Read Google's privacy policy for more information.


●      Functional : these cookies allow the website of to function properly. Functional cookies ensure that you can view your account.


➔      Opt-Out: you can also use an opt-out for analytical cookies. You can find more information


Do not allow cookies


Allowing cookies is not mandatory but optional. You can adjust the settings of your browser if you do not want to allow cookies. Installed cookies can also be deleted at any time. That applies to all mobile devices. More information about deleting cookies can be found here:


Security level uses security for the processing of your personal data. This makes it possible to prevent unauthorized use, changes, publications or theft of data. Do you suspect that your personal data is being used unlawfully? Then let us know. You can do this via 030 - 4444 44 or .




We only use the personal data you provide for the purposes described above. Provided you  give explicit permission to act differently, or if we have to process your data in accordance with a legal obligation. Such as providing data to government authorities.


You always have the right to withdraw your consent to the processing of personal data. That has no consequences for you. We can no longer process your data. In some cases , may prevent us from being able to process the service you require, or not fully. 


Your rights


According to the European AVG (General Data Protection Regulation) you have rights with regard to your personal data and the processing thereof. These include:


●      Access : your personal data is always available at . You can view the data by sending a request to .


●      Change : you cannot change the personal data in your account yourself. Do you want to do this after an inspection? Send us a request via . For example, if you want to improve, change, supplement, protect or delete your data. The changes must be in accordance with the legal requirements and obligations that must be able to meet by law.


●      Restrict data processing: under certain conditions you have the right to restrict the processing of the personal data provided. For more information about the conditions or to limit the processing, send a request to .


●      Objection : you have the right to object to the processing of your data. For example, if this happens on the basis of interests for or third parties.


●      Data transfer: you always have the right to receive your data back from . These will be sent to you in a common file format.


●      Withdraw consent: you can always withdraw your consent to data processing. That has no consequences for you. We can no longer process your data. In some cases ,  may prevent us from being able to process the service you require, or not fully.


Response time


Requests and questions can be submitted to . We strive to answer your question as quickly as possible. This is never later than 30 days after we have received your request. If is unable to comply with your request, we will clearly indicate this in our reply to you.  


Questions and complaints handling


Do you have questions about this privacy statement of or the way in which we process your personal data? Then let us know via . Of course you can also contact the Dutch Data Protection Authority.


Third parties


We do not pass on your personal data to third parties without your express permission. Exceptions to this rule are:


●      If this is necessary in the context of the performance of our services


●      If we have to pass on your data to government authorities on the basis of a legal obligation or in the event of an emergency


●      In the event of a merger or a transfer of activities within . All the more so if the data has to be handed over to the third party. Of course this is done under strict agreements and with the necessary protections.


Third party privacy statement is not responsible for the way in which third parties handle your personal data. For example, if you click on a link to external websites or parties. Consult the privacy statement of the relevant website you are visiting.


save does not store the data you provide for longer than is necessary for the purposes as we have described them in detail above.




The privacy statement of can be adjusted at any time. A current version of this privacy statement can always be found on our website.


Contact details


Do you have questions about this privacy statement of ? Please do not hesitate to contact us. This can be done in the following ways:



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Telefoon                     : 030 - 4444 044

Website                      :


KVK nummer             : 84107731



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