Taxi Utrecht rates

At taxi Utrecht you are always assured of fixed and affordable rates. The rate you pay for our services is therefore always inclusive. This way you will never be confronted with additional costs afterwards. Our fixed rates always start with an affordable starting rate. In addition, at Taxi Utrecht you even receive a pleasant discount on taxi rides from 10 kilometers.

And do you need a taxi to one of the well-known airports in the Benelux? Even then Taxi Utrecht is happy to assist you. For a fixed low rate we will bring you safely and comfortably to the airport of your choice. For example, you can travel from Utrecht to Schiphol for € 79.00 with Taxi Utrecht. We also provide airport transport to airports such as Rotterdam, Eindhoven and Brussels.

We also offer you an attractive low rate if you want to travel by taxi to Düsseldorf or Frankfurt airport. Of course, it does not matter how many people you want to travel with. Do you have questions about the affordable rates of Taxi Utrecht? Please feel free to contact one of our employees.

Place Utrecht Schiphol Amsterdam
Utrecht € 19,50 VP € 79,00
Bilthoven Meter € 79,00
De Bilt Meter € 79,00
De Meern Meter € 79,00
Houten Meter € 79,00
IJsselstein Meter € 79,00
Leidsche Rijn Meter € 79,00
Maarssen Meter € 79,00
Nieuwegein Meter € 79,00
Vleuten Meter € 79,00
Zeist Meter € 79,00
Plaats Utrecht Schiphol
Utrecht € 24,50 € 89,00
Bilthoven Meter € 89,00
De Bilt Meter € 89,00
De Meern Meter € 89,00
Houten Meter € 89,00
IJsselstein Meter € 89,00
Leidsche Rijn Meter € 89,00
Maarssen Meter € 89,00
Nieuwegein Meter € 89,00
Vleuten Meter € 89,00
Zeist Meter € 89,00

All airports

Call 030 4444 044 for more information.

Airport Utrecht
Amsterdam Schiphol € 79,00
Rotterdam Airport € 105,00
Eindhoven Airport € 130,00
Düsseldorf Flughafen € 250,00
Airport Utrecht
Amsterdam Schiphol € 89,00
Rotterdam Airport € 120,00
Eindhoven Airport € 150,00
Düsseldorf Flughafen € 300,00

*Book at least 24 hours in advance
aterday & Sunday surcharge € 10 euro

Taxi meter

Alle bedragen zijn geupdate in 1 januari 2023

Rate type 1 t/m 4 persons 5 t/m 8 persons
Starting amount € 3,60 € 7,33
Amount per kilometer € 2,65 € 3,34
Time amount per minute € 0,44 € 0,49
Waiting rate prior to the ride € 49,64 € 49,64

Yes, at Taxi Utrecht we work with fixed rates. This means that you will never be confronted with extra additional costs. In addition, we also use an affordable starting rate for all our rides.

At Taxi Utrecht you can count on a pleasant discount. This discount applies to taxi rides from 10 kilometers. That can be in Utrecht, but of course also outside Utrecht.

Taxi Utrecht always uses fixed rates for transfers to different airports. For example, a taxi from Utrecht to Schiphol costs € 79.00. We also provide transport to other airports such as Brussels, Rotterdam or Frankfurt. You can also count on affordable and fixed prices for these taxi rides.

Good and safe transport does not have to be expensive. For a taxi up to 4 people we charge a starting rate of only € 3.60. Are you traveling with 5 people or more? Then the starting rate also starts cheaply with € 7.33.

Within Taxi Utrecht we like to use a transparent working method. So you always know where you stand before the ride.

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