This will speed up security checks at Schiphol Airport

This will speed up security checks at Schiphol Airport

Save time by taking a taxi to the airport

By taxi to the airport is then a great option. You will be in front of the terminal leads, and you do not have to worry about finding a suitable parking space. Although you already have a lot of time savings and benefits with taxi transport, you can make the procedure at Schiphol Airport or another airport even more effective and faster. For example, by applying the tips below when it comes to the security check. This way you can be sure that you will not only travel comfortably to the airport by taxi. but don't waste any unnecessary time once you've arrived.

Fast through Schiphol security check

Once you have arrived at the airport by taxi, you don't want to lose the time. The increase in terrorist activity has resulted in a considerable increase in security at airports. If you are not aware of the new rules and regulations, this can cost you not only a delay but also other unpleasant delays. With the tips below, passing the security check at the airport is a lot faster. This way you not only save time by using a taxi to the airport, but you also work efficiently at the airport.

With these tips, security checks at the airport are even faster

• Please read the baggage regulations carefully and never put "prohibited" items in hand baggage. Make sure the luggage is the right size and weight. You can also read these conditions in the regulations of the airline you are flying with.
• Empty your pockets and put all items in your hand luggage. You can think of items such as ransom, jewelry, watches and belts. In this way, the items are scanned directly with your hand luggage. Which could save you a lot of time.
• Wear comfortable shoes when you go to the airport. Preferably no shoes that cause metal parts. If you do, you may be asked to take off your shoes. This also takes unnecessary time. In addition, you walk on shoes with low heels and a sturdy profile a lot easier.
• If you're carrying a mobile phone, ipad or laptop, make sure you can easily unlock it when asked. Also, make sure the devices are on as you go through the security check. Keep them nicely organized together, in the front of the hand luggage.
• Make sure you always keep your valid photo ID or passport with your tickets and boarding pass. You only have to do one action in this way if you need to identify yourself. Usually your hand luggage has a front pocket in which you can conveniently store travel documents together.
• This tip will save you a lot of time at the airport. Many people lock their luggage before they have checked in. Don't do this until the luggage has been through the scan. Opening locked cases can certainly cause unnecessary loss of time in this situation.

Book an airport transfer and follow the above rules

Nobody wants to wait hours at the airport. We are certainly not waiting for a tiring trip to or from the airport. At Taxi Utrecht we understand that like no other. With us you can quickly and cheaply book a comfortable taxi ride to any desired airport. In combination with the above tips, you can enjoy your well deserved holiday or business trip even faster.

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