Kosten Reserveren Taxi Utrecht

Kosten Reserveren Taxi Utrecht

What are the cost to book a taxi in Utrecht?

If you want to book a taxi in Utrecht, you will notice that the rates vary considerably. Where one company pays a small fortune on a taxi ride within the center, the other is a lot cheaper. But what exactly is that about? And does a cheap taxi also mean that you have to deliver in quality and service? In this article you will read everything you need to know about the costs of taxi transport in and around Utrecht.

A fixed fare or surprises afterwards?

Taxi companies turn on the counter as soon as you get in. This sounds quite logical, but there are plenty of companies that will give you an unpleasant surprise afterwards. A ride price can turn out quite higher than you initially had in mind. This has to do with whether or not fixed rates are applied. Some taxi companies charge you extra costs, in addition to the price you pay for the ride itself.

This is not the case with Taxi Utrecht. We always apply the rate indicated on the meter. This way you do not have to deal with additional costs afterwards. With Taxi Utrecht you are also sure of a fixed fare if you want to travel by taxi from Utrecht to the airport. No matter how many people you travel with. As a result, you are not only sure of economical taxi transport, but also of a reliable and fast service.

The difference in prices for airport transfers by taxi

A taxi to the airport provides you with a lot of benefits. You don't have to drive yourself, and you don't pay high costs for parking your vehicle. The price difference is considerable. For example, you can travel to and from Schiphol by Taxi Utrecht for € 59.00. Of course you also pay a fixed and low amount if you need a taxi to another airport in the Netherlands. Other taxi companies don't do this.

There you often pay an extra amount in addition to the regular fare. For example, for the extra service they provide. Taxi Utrecht always ensures that you travel safely and comfortably. You will be dropped off in front of the departure hall and our drivers will help you with your luggage. All this for a fixed and low price without additional costs.

A cheap taxi means a limited service?

At Taxi Utrecht, we think your interests are the most important. You can always expect a friendly and reliable service from us. We like to keep the quality of the services we offer high. Of course, without paying extra for this. Within our team we work with well-trained drivers who take you safely and quickly to any desired destination. Always with a smile.

A cheap taxi ride does not affect the service. Especially if you book your transport online with Taxi Utrecht. You do this via our website, but we are also happy to talk to you via WhatsApp. So you'll always find the cheap taxi in Utrecht you're looking for. Do you want to be sure of luxury, comfort, safety and excellent service? Book your taxi with Taxi Utrecht. It doesn't matter if you are looking for private, business or airport transport.

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